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The present investigation to ascertain the number of men available as patrons, calls attention once more to the perennial problem afforded by conditions at Memorial Hall. Although the Corporation has been in control of the restaurant there for nearly two years, it has been found impossible to increase the attendance to the coveted thousand mark, when Memorial may be operated at its maximum efficiency. The fact that there has been a steady financial loss, together with the persistent rumor that the Hall is soon to have another strong competitor, seems sufficient for the advancement of the following suggestion.

Substitute for the present committee in charge of the Hall a practical and successful restaurateur with complete control. Having stipulated a maximum price of food (five dollars a week, for example), the Corporation would leave the steward free to run the restaurant for what profit he could make. Ordinarily better results are obtained when men in charge of business enterprises (and Memorial should certainly be run on strictly business lines), share in the profits of their work. Moreover, with a stipulated maximum price, the operator of Memorial Hall could not afford to serve poor food, for his profits would have to come from a large attendance.

Such a plan has promise of success. This is shown by the fact that many men pay little more than $5.50 (the price at Memorial Hall) for board far better than the slight difference in price would indicate. And this at places where the attendance is never more than thirty. With six or seven hundred patrons assured, it seems reasonable to believe that an expert with a direct pecuniary interest could serve well a good wholesome menu at something less than $5.50 a week.

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