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The University baseball management has announced the plans of a Southern trip to be taken by the team during the Easter recess. The squad will leave Cambridge on April 14 for Baltimore. where a game will be played with Johns Hopkins the next day. That evening the team will go to Annapolis.

Besides daily practice games, a regular game will be Played with the Naval Academy team on April 20. The object of the trip is to enable the coaches to standardize the material prior to the commencement of the season in Cambridge.

Prospect for Coming Season.

It is now a month since spring work began for the University baseball squad, and Coach F. J. Sexton has been able to form some opinion as to the ability of the various candidates.

Veteran material is fairly plentiful this year. There are six "H" men left from last year's team, including Captain C. B. McLaughlin '11 at first base, R. S. Potter '12 at second base, R. C. Babson '12 who, though last year an outfielder, pitched for his Freshman team, J. P. Carr '11 at shortstop, A. J. Kelly '12 in left field, and W. M. Minot '11 in the out-field. Nevertheless, both Captain McLaughlin and Coach Sexton wish to emphasize the probability of change in lineup, and it is possible that all nine positions may be filed with new men.

There is much good material available from last year's Freshman squad. S. M. Felton, 3d, and J. C. P. Bartholf in pitching, R. P. Lewis in catching, A. J. Lowrey at shortstop, J. H. Coon in left field, and A. H. Tomes at third base are at present available for the University squad.

Coach F. J. Sexton ranks his pitchers at present in the following order: R. C. Babson '12. S. M. Felton, 3d, '13, H. E. Ohler '11, G. F. Bird '13, E. C. Hardy '13, R. G. McKay '11, F. S. Ernst '12, H. A. Sexton '11, and J. C. P. Bartholf '13.

For the position of catcher, Coach Sexton considers that following men most promising: H. E. Reeves '12, H. R. Howe '12, J. A. Sullivan '13, and R. C. Clifford '12.

In the outfield, the following men are the most promising at the present time: A. F. Winter '13 and J. H. Coon '13. Besides candidates from last year's University and Freshman teams, C. Hann, Jr., '11, J. P. Kennedy '12, and G. W. Chase '11 at first base, and E. S. Winston '12 and A. F. Winter '13 at shortstop are likely candidates.

There is great possibility of change in the makeup of the team, and Coach Sexton insists that candidates report and work faithfully.

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