Lecture on Panama Canal Thursday

Hon. G. A. Loud, congressman from the tenth district of Michigan, will deliver an illustrated lecture on "The Panama Canal" in Emerson J, Thursday afternoon at 4.30 o'clock. This lecture will be open to members of the University only.

"Celestial Photography."

Professor G. W. Ritchey, of the Solar Observatory of the Carnegie Institution at Mount Wilson, California, will lecture on "Celestial Photography," in New Lecture Hall Tuesday evening, March 28, at 8 o'clock. The lecture will be open to the public.

The great sixty-inch mirror of the observatory is the work of Professor Ritchey, and the lecture will be illustrated by the most recent and remarkable photographs taken with that instrument.

"The Insurgents' Remedy."

Senator Jonathan Bourne, Jr., ex-'77, of Oregon, president of the National Progressive Republican League, will deliver the eighth of the series of lectures on "The Social Problem and its Remedies" in New Lecture Hall Wednesday, March 29, at 4.30 o'clock. His subject will be "The Insurgents' Remedy."

Ingersoll Lecture for 1910-11.

The Ingersoll Lecture on the Immortality of Man for 1910-11 will be given by Professor G. A. Reisner, assistant professor of Egyptology, in New Lecture Hall Monday evening, April 10, at 8 o'clock. The subject of this lecture, which will be open to the public, will be "The Egyptian Conception of Immortality."