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Miss Lincoln's Play at Castle Square


"The End of the Bridge," by Miss Florence Lincoln, a special student in Radcliffe College, will be presented at the Castle Square Theatre this week, beginning with today's matinee. This play was awarded the prize of $500 offered by Mr. John Craig for the best drama written by a student of drama in the University or in Radcliffe.

Sketched briefly the story is as follows: Dr. Garret, an eminent New York never specialist has under treatment for shock, Joan, the orphan daughter of his life-long companion, Mr. Mannering.

Before his death Mr. Mannering to whom Dr. Garret was under great obligation, expressed the wish that his friend marry his daughter. From the nature of the request Dr. Garret felt bound to comply with it, and although the marriage involved the sacrifice of a position of many possibilities, he acceded, and married her. Not until after the wedding did Joan discover her husband's unselfishness; but then realizing the situation, she sought to free him by divorce. He, on his part, finding not only that she had fallen in love with him but also that he was in a fair way to reciprocate her affection refused to reconsider his decision.

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