Freshman Track Meet With Andover

The Freshman track team will hold its first meet of the season with Andover, at Andover, this afternoon. W. A. Barron, Jr., has been appointed to act as temporary captain of the Freshman team during the illness of F. J. O'Brien.

The events and Freshman entries follow:

100-yard dash.--J. I. Abbott, W. A. Barron, Jr. 220-yard dash.--J. I. Abbott, J. S. Ewen. 440-yard dash.--J. R. Abbot, W. A. Barron, Jr., F. H. Storms. 880-yard run.--A. R. Boynton, A. J. de Gozzaldi, L. M. Wright, J. G. Wolcott, One-mile run.--F. H. Blackman, B. A. Edwards, W. M. Tugman. 220-yard low hurdles.--W. G. Brackett, T. O. Freeman, J. R. Hunneman, A. L. Jackson. 120-yard high hurdles.--W. B. D. Dana, T. O. Freeman, J. R. Hunneman, A. L. Jackson. Running high jump.--W. G. Brackett, A. T. Bunton, A. D. Chandler, W. B. D. Dana, T. O. Freeman, J. R. Hunneman, A. L. Jackson. Running broad jump.--W. G. Brackett, A. D. Chandler, W. B. D. Dana, J. R. Hunneman. Pole-vault.--A. D. Chandler, W. B. D. Dana. 16-pound shotput.--L. D. Howard, A. Taylor, R. T. P. Storer. 12-pound hammer-throw.--L. D. Howard.

1914 Baseball With Stone's School.

The Freshman baseball team will play its second game with Stone's School on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 2.15 o'clock. Since the game with Brookline on Wednesday, several changes have made in the line-up, which will be for today: 3b., Wingate; s.s., Curtis; c.f., Clark; 1b., Milholland; c., Reynolds; r.f., Bettle; l.f., Perkins; 2b., Handy; p., Waterman.


Freshman Crew to Row Groton.

The Freshman crew will race Groton, on the Nashua River at Groton this afternoon. The order of the crew will be: stroke, Gardiner; 7, Mills; 6, Morgan; 5, Taylor; 4, Trumbull; 3, Storer; 2, Cleary; bow, Reynolds; cox., Boyd.

1914 Soccer Team to Play at 3 o'clock.

The Freshman association football team will play the team from the Brookline Gymnasium on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The 1914 line-up will be as follows: g., McGuire; r.f.b., Francke; l.f.b., Curtis; r.h.b., Willetts, Rice; c.h.b., Grinnell; l.h.b., Weston; r.o.f., Fenn; r.i.f., Foster; c.f., Quinby; l.i.f., Fisher; l.o.f., McIntosh