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With less than two weeks before the Cornell race the University crew is being tuned up for that event. As the race is only two miles in length, a high stroke must be maintained throughout the distance and it is upon this point that Coach Wray is now laying special emphasis.

In the races during the first part of the Easter recess the eight showed an ability to maintain a high stroke and to space out well under it. When rowing was recommenced after the vacation, the crew fell into a bad slump. The slide work was poor, the men did not turn well on the catch, and were not effective while the oars were in the water.

A little over a week ago Coach Wray began sending the crew on long easy rows for the purpose of getting the men together as well as conditioning them for harder work. The good results of this were shown in the race last Friday, when the eight rowed a high stroke over the two mile course and finished strongly in very rough water.

A great improvement has been shown in the last week. In addition to the long rows Coach Wray has given the eight practice in maintaining a high stroke for short stretches. He has emphasized turning on the catch and getting the oars into the water quickly and smoothly, with the result that the crew is now able to row 44 strokes to the minute and still space out well.

Many Shifts in 1914 Boat.

The Freshman eight has suffered many changes since its formation. Four men have been tried at stroke and numerous other shifts have been made. It is, therefore, difficult to give any judgment of the present crew, as it has been rowing together for only two days. This order seems to be the best combination that can be chosen and should improve rapidly in the period left for preparation for the race at Ithaca.

The squad was cut yesterday, leaving only two eights. The second eight will race Middlesex school over a half-mile course above the Infirmary on Monday. After this race the crew will be broken up into two four-oars, one of which, with two substitutes, will be taken to New London with the first eight.

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