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Play in Leiter Cup League to Start Today.--Complete Schedule of Games.


The round robin tournament in the scrub baseball series will begin today at 4 o'clock with the following games: Whiffenpoofs vs. Rough Diamonds on the second team diamond, and Nine Muses vs. Husky Hussies on the diamond north of the Freshman diamond. The final games of the preliminary round played yesterday resulted as follows: All-Boobs 8, Insurrectos 4; Bar Association 4, Pie Are Squares 3.

Revised lists of the teams are due in the Leiter Cup box in the CRIMSON Office today at 3 o'clock. No team may have more than three men who have received their class numerals in their Freshman year; and not more than one man who has received the University or second team letter, or a letter from another college. After today no changes will be allowed in the teams under any circumstances, and if in any game any man who is not in the team's list plays, his team will be disqualified and will not be allowed to play any more games.

Leiter Cup League Schedule.

The schedule for the league is as follows:

May 17.--Craigie vs. Midnight Sons; Bar Association vs. All-Boobs.

May 18.--Whiffenpoofs vs. Nine Muses; Rough Diamonds vs. Husky Hussies.

May 19.--Craigie vs. Bar Association; Midnight Sons vs. All-Boobs.

May 22.--Whiffenpoofs vs. Craigie; Midnight Sons vs. Bar Association.

May 23.--Husky Hussies vs. All-Boobs; Rough Diamonds vs. Nine Muses.

May 24.--Whiffenpoofs vs. Midnight Sons; Craigie vs. Nine Muses.

May 25.--Husky Hussies vs. Bar Association; Rough Diamonds vs. All-Boobs.

May 26.--Whiffenpoofs vs. Husky Hussies; Nine Muses vs. Midnight Sons.

May 29.--Craigie vs. All-Boobs; Rough Diamonds vs. Midnight Sons.

May 30.--Whiffenpoofs vs. All-Boobs; Nine Muses vs. Bar Association.

May 31.--Rough Diamonds vs. Bar Association; Craigie vs. Husky Hussies.

June 1.--Nine Muses vs. All-Boobs; Husky Hussies vs. Midnight Sons.

June 2.--Craigie vs. Rough Diamonds; Whiffenpoofs vs. Bar Association.

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