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The Gray Herbarium is at last to have new quarters for its library which has long been in a state of congestion. The new structure will be a two-story addition to the present building and will extend to the west toward Garden street, taking the place of the old library wing, which will be removed, and covering part of the site recently occupied by the Asa Gray House, which was removed some weeks ago. The addition will be of similar construction to the Kidder wing, the gift of N. T. Kidder '82, of Milton, which has been completed during the last two years, and will be made with special attention to safety. Nothing of an inflammble nature will be used in the construction, and the furnishings, with the possible exception of the chairs, will be of steel.

The library which will be placed in the new building is devoted to the classification of the flowering plants and ferns and is thought to be one of the best of its kind in America, containing something over 20,000 volumes and pamphlets.

The gift which makes possible this valued improvement in the equipment of the Gray Herbarium comes from an anonymous source and will amount to $25,000.

It is the hope of those interested in the Herbarium that ultimately it will be possible to reconstruct the entire old portion of the building, including the laboratory wing which lies to the east. Thus absolute safety would be provided against loss which a fire would cause to the valuable specimens which the Herbarium contains.

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