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The projected race between the upperclass championship crews of Harvard and Yale is exactly the sort of encouragement that our present rowing situation demands. Oarsmanship has developed so fast and so far during the past few years, that only men of very exceptional ability can make their "H" in this sport, and only men who are far above the common run are taken to the quarters at Red Top.

In addition to the comparatively small University and Freshman squads there are many men who take a great interest in rowing in spite of the fact that few incentives are extended them. There is, to be sure, besides the interclass regatta, the annual race between one of the boat clubs and Worcester High School; but as concerns the College community, no contest arouses so much enthusiasm among both participants and spectators as does a meeting of Harvard and Yale athletes.

If the directors of the two athletic associations will sanction the proposed race, we feel sure that not only will the grade of oarsmanship in the class crews be improved but also, and of no less importance, that the friendly rivalry between Harvard and Yale will be greatly stimulated.

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