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Memorial Hall Spread on Wednesday


The Senior Spread will be held on the lawn west of Memorial Hall on Wednesday. Mrs. Frederick Ayer, Mrs. L. B. R. Briggs, Mrs. C. H. W. Foster, and Mrs. Herbert Jaques will receive the guests. Supper will be served from 9.30 to 12 o'clock. Kanrich's orchestra, which will be inside Memorial Hall, will play during the dancing, and a band outside in the Delta will play between the dances. The Delta will be fenced in and strung with Japanese lanterns. Boxes will be fitted up on both sides, those with even numbers on the Kirkland street side and those with odd numbers on the Cambridge street side. In front of these boxes rows of tables will be arranged. Persons who are not assigned to boxes or tables on the printed list may obtain places by applying to an usher.

Dance programs will be ready Saturday morning, and will be given out to ticket holders at Hollis 23 between 11.30 and 1 o'clock. They will be in the form of black leather card-cases with the form of a Harvard "H" seal embossed in gold on the outside. In case of rain the boxes will be arranged on the floor and in the galleries of Memorial Hall.

The following Juniors will act as ushers: F. C. Gray, head usher; F. L. Allen, C. Amory, Jr., R. C. Benchley, P. Blair, E. C. Brown, T. J. Campbell, R. Clifford, R. F. Duncan, J. Elliott, R. T. Fisher, H. L. Gaddis, S. S. Hanks, P. K. Houston, G. D. Hayward, F. D. Huntington, F. H. Leslie, S. Mixter, H. R. Morse, E. P. Pierce, D. P. Ranney, A. Richard, K. Roosevelt, L. D. Smith, C. M. Storey, J. C. Trumbull, R. B. Wigglesworth, P. R. Withington. These men should meet in Hollis 23 on Saturday at 2 o'clock.

The patronesses will be: Mrs. C. F. Adams, 2d, Mrs. Oliver Ames, Mrs. Frederick Ayer, Mrs. T. P. Beal, Mrs. L. B. R. Briggs, Mrs. W. C. Boyden, Mrs. C. K. Cobb, Mrs. W. R. Castle, Mrs. Edward Channing, Mrs. H. L. Corbett, Mrs. C. E. Cotting, Mrs. G. W. Cram, Mrs. G. C. Cutler, Mrs. E. B. Floyd, Mrs. C. H. W. Foster, Mrs. Kuno Francke, Mrs. E. H. Harding, Mrs. Augustus Hemenway, Mrs. H. L. Higginson, Mrs. H. S. Howe, Mrs. H. S. Hunnewell, Mrs. Herbert Jaques, Mrs. William Lawrence, Mrs. A. L. Lowell, Mrs. John Lowell, Mrs. Arthur Lyman, Mrs. E. C. Moore, Mrs. E. H. Nichols, Mrs. Henry Parkman, Mrs. T. N. Perkins, Mrs. Bliss Perry, Mrs. John Richardson, Jr., Mrs. M. H. Richardson, Mrs. W. M. Richardson, Mrs. P. L. Saltonstall, Mrs. Dunlap Smith, Mrs. W. D. Sohier, Mrs. J. J. Storrow, Mrs. F. E. Sweetser, Mrs. J. G. Thorpe, Mrs. R. D. C. Ward, Mrs. Barrett Wendell, Mrs. Henry Wheeler, Mrs. D. L. Withington, Mrs. Paul Withington, Mrs. George Whitney.

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