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With the foundation of the Graduate School of Business Administration in 1908, Harvard recognized the importance of carrying a specialized graduate training to fields other than those of so-called professional service. The Business School is the only institution of its kind in the country which demands a college degree for entrance, and which offers advanced courses in the problems of industrial organization.

It is natural for a college man going into business to wish to start his work immediately on graduation. Two years spent in the Business School may seem to put him two years behind the man who begins work immediately, especially, since it does not necessarily relieve him of the drudgery of "starting at the foot of the ladder." The value of the School lies in its power to show a man the real meaning and the real opportunities of a business, so that with equal ability he should be able to accomplish more and be of greater value than his less well-trained classmate.

Many men who intend eventually to go into business take a year or two in the Law School. In this way they get a valuable legal training; but now that Harvard has the Business School such men can get there the legal training adapted to their needs, and in addition, practical instruction in the very lines which they intend to take up. The fact that there is a call for three times as many of its well-trained men as the School can furnish shows the need which it is trying to fill. Its importance as a training school for the thinking business man should be called to the attention of the undergraduates who are intending to enter business and of those who expect to spend two years in a professional school before they decide upon a life work.

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