First Four-Oared Crew Lost by Scant Margin in Race With Middlesex.

The first Freshman four-oared crew was defeated by about two feet in a half-mile race with Middlesex School yesterday afternoon. Immediately afterwards the second Freshman four-oar defeated the second Middlesex crew by three-quarters of a length over the same course.

In the first race the 1914 boat got away ahead and held a slight lead until very near the finish when Middlesex sprinted and just won out.

In the other race, Middlesex caught the water first and led until about half way down the course, where the Freshmen drew up and passed their opponents. From there on the result was never in doubt, and the winners finished, rowing easily.

The orders:

First Freshman.--Stroke, E. D. Curtis; 3, L. Curtis; 2, Wentworth; bow, Walker; cox., Hay.


First Middlesex.--Stroke, Harwood; 3, Trumbull; 2, Emerson; bow, Morgan; cox., Cameron.

Second Freshman.--Stroke, Harrower; 3, Morgan; 2, Storer; now, Saltonstall; cox., Roosevelt.

Second Middlesex.--Stroke, Brown; 3, Meyer; 2, Mott; bow, Boyden; cox., Davis.