Athletic Association Notes

The Library Bureau again has charge of the football tickets, and is making rapid progress in completing the signature card catalogue.

No applications for football tickets will be filled unless the applicant has first filed a signature card at the Athletic Office.

Alfred Shrubb, last year's cross-country coach, has again been engaged for that position and will be in Cambridge October 2.

Four sections of steel stands have been ordered erected across the running track to the parapet of the Stadium. These will be moveable stands, so that they may be transferred to the baseball field in the spring.

G. Leslabay has again been engaged to take charge of the fencing. He will be assisted by J. A. McLaughlin '11, captain of last year's fencing team.


P. Withington '09 will have general charge of soccer football and wrestling, while Sam Anderson, the world's champion middle weight wrestler, will be the coach of the latter sport. Wrestling will probably begin early in December.

Complimentary season tickets will shortly be sent out to all old University football players.

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