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List of Courses Must be Handed in Tomorrow.--Directory of Committees.


All students must register in the rooms indicated below today from 9 to 1 o'clock.

College Seniors, Emerson D.

College Juniors, Harvard 5.

College Sophomores, Harvard 6.

College Freshmen, A to L inclusive, Upper Mass., M to Z inclusive, Lower Mass.

College Special Students, Harvard 1.

College Unclassified Students, Harvard 1.

Students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University Hall, north entry, room 24.

Students in the Graduate School of Applied Science, University Hall, north entry, room 16.

Students in the Graduate School of Business Administration, University Hall, north entry, room 17.

Freshman Class Meeting.

The Freshman Class (except dropped men) will assemble today at 9 A. M., in Sever 11, to meet the Assistant Dean of Harvard College, and the Secretary of the Committee on the Choice of Electives. Immediately after this meeting they are required to meet their Advisers.

Morning Prayers.

Morning Prayers begin this morning at 8.45, conducted by the Rev. Professor Edward C. Moore, D. D.

The Board of Preachers to the University will be represented by the Rev. Professor Edward C. Moore, in Wadsworth House 1, from 9 to 1 o'clock today.

Friday, September 29.

List of Studies

Every student in Harvard College must hand in, without fail, his list of studies written in ink on the card provided for the purpose, on Friday, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 6 P. M., at the places named below. All Freshmen must obtain the signatures of their Advisers on their lists of studies.

College Seniors, Lower Mass.

College Juniors, Lower Mass.

College Sophomores, Lower Mass.

College Freshmen, Upper Mass.

College Special Students, Upper Mass.

College Unclassified Students, Upper Mass.

Students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are expected to file their lists of studies at 24 University Hall at registration or before 6 P. M., on Friday.

Students in the Graduate School of Applied Science are expected to file their lists of studies at 16 University Hall, at registration or before 6 P. M., on Friday.

Students in the Graduate School of Business Administration are expected to file their lists of studies at 17 University Hall, at registration or before 6 P. M., on Friday.

Any student wishing to take a "starred course" must obtain the consent of the instructor in the course, given in writing on a card containing the student's list of studies; for admission to a course "primarily for graduates," an undergraduate or special student must obtain the written recommendation of the instructor. Instructors may be consulted for this purpose at the rooms and at the hours named in the Directory of Instructors. Frederick Wilkey, Manager, Memorial Hall.

Randall Hall Dining Association: Mr. Frederick Wilkey, Manager, Memorial Hall.

Friday, September 29.

'First Meetings of Courses.

Courses will begin at 9 A. M. For times of meeting, see the Announcement of Courses of Instruction, 3d edition, September 20, 1911, to be obtained at Phillips Brooks House and University 2; for places of meeting, see official bulletin boards.

Students are required to enroll at the first meetings of their courses.

For consultation with Instructors, see Directory of Instructors.

The following assignment of recitation rooms indicates the places for the first meetings in courses of study offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. For the days and hours when the courses are given, see pamphlet entitled "Announcement of the Courses of Instruction," 3d edition," September 20, 1911.

There will be no meetings in any courses before 9 A. M., Friday, September 29.

Students are required to enroll at the first meetings.

Prescribed Studies.

German A, Friday, September 29, New Lecture Hall, 1.05 P. M.

French A, Friday, September 29, Emerson D, 1.05 P. M.

English D, Tuesday, October 3, Sever 11, 1.05 P. M.

English A, Wednesday, October 4, New Lecture Hall, 1.05 P. M.

Elective Studies.

For all courses of research for which no hours are stated consult the Instructors.

Anthropology 1,  Sem. Mus. 1Anthropology 2, 5, 7, 9,  Peabody Mus.Anthropology 8,  Sept. 29, 12 M., Peabody Mus.Architecture 4b,  Sept. 29, 2.30 P. M.All courses in Robinson.Astronomy,All courses in Astron. Lab.,  Jarvis St.Botany 2, 13,  Nash Lect. Rm.Botany 3,  Botan. Mus. 13bBotany 7,  Botan. Mus. 21aBusiness Administration 1, Sept. 29, 10 A. M.,  Lawrence 4Business Administration 2, Sept. 29, 12 M.,  Lawrence 4Business Administration 5, 10, 11,  Sever 36Business Administration 6, 7, 25, 27, 29, 20c, 20d,  Lawrence 4Business Administration 16, 19,  Lawrence 1Business Administration 17a, 21,  Emerson HBusiness Administration 22, Sept. 30, 9 A. M.,  Lawrence 4Business Administration 28, Sept. 29, 3.30 P. M.,  Lawrence 4Business Administration 31,  Univ. 17Business Administration 32, Sept. 29, 11 A. M.,  Lawrence 4Business Administration 35a,  Sever 1Celtic 1, Sept. 29, 3.30 P. M.,  Warren HouseChemistry1,  Boylston 7Chemistry 16, Oct. 3, 8, A. M.,  Boylston 9Chemistry 18, Sept. 29, 9 A. M.,  Boylston 15Chemistry, all other courses in Boylston 9Classical Archaeology 1a,  Sever 25Classical Philology 25,  Sever 25Classical Philology 29, 43, 47,  Sever 13Classical Philology 37, Sept. 30, 12 M.,  Sever 13Classical Philology 45,  Sever 14Classical Philology 49,  Gore HallClassical Philology 59,  Div. Lib.Classical Philology 61, Sept. 30, 9 A. M.,  Div. Lib 2Comparative Literature 1, Sept. 30, 12 M.,  Emerson DComparative Literature 6a, Sept. 30, 10 A. M.,  Harvard 5Comparative Literature 7,  Emerson FComparative Literature 9,  Sever 31Comparative Literature 12,  Sever 11Comparative Literature 14, 17hf,  Warren HouseComparative Literature 25, Sept. 29, 10.30 A. M.,  Harvard 6Comparative Literature 28,  Sever 23Comparative Literature 30,  Sever 23Economics 1,  New Lect HallEconomics 2,  Emerson HEconomics 3, Sept. 29, 1.30 P. M.,  Harvard 6Economics 4,  Upper DaneEconomics 5, Sept. 30, 10 A. M.,  Lower Mass.Economics 6a, Sept. 30, 9 A. M.,  Harvard 6Economics 7a, 8,  Emerson DEconomics 9a, Sept. 30, 1.30 P. M.,  Harvard 5Economics 11, Sept. 30, 10 A. M.,  Sever 6Economics 13, Oct. 2, 3.30 P. M.,  Upper DaneEconomics 14a,  Harvard 6Economics 15, Oct. 2, 11 A. M.,  Upper DaneEconomics 16, Oct. 2, 10 A. M.,  Upper DaneEconomics 18, Sept. 29, 11 A. M.,  Emerson DEconomics 21,  Harvard 5Economics 22,  Consult Prof. GayEconomics 29,  Harvard 5Economics 30, Sept. 30, 12 M.,  Sever 6Education A,  Harvard 1Education, all other courses in Lawrence 6Egyptology 1, Sept. 29, 9 A. M.,  Sem. Mus. 2Egyptology 3,  Sem. Mus 1Egyptology 6,  Consult Prof ReisnerEngineering 3k,  Pierce HallEngineering 3l,  Pierce HallEngineering 3m,  Pierce HallEngineering 5a, 8a,  Pierce HallEngineering 5f, 7b,  Pierce HallEngineering 5g, 14b,  Pierce HallEngineering 6d,  Pierce HallEngineering 12b, 13a, 16a,  Pierce HallEngineering 16b, Oct. 2, 2.30 P. M.,  Pierce HallEngineering 16j,  Pierce HallEngineering 16n,  Pierce HallEngineering 17b,  Pierce HallEngineering 17d,  Pierce HallEngineering 17e,  Pierce HallEngineering 17f,  Pierce HallEnglish E,  Sever 19English 1, 11a, 24, 58,  Sever 5English 2,  Harvard 6English 3a, 5,  Sever 2English 12,  Emerson AEnglish 14,  Harvard 5English 18, 28hf,  Sever 35English 22,  Emerson JEnglish 29, Sept. 29, 11 A. M.,  Sever 1English 30,  New Lecture HallEnglish 31,  Sever AEnglish 39, 62,  Sever 6English 41,  Emerson DEnglish 47,  Upper Dane

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