Junior Class Notices

Dance Acceptances Must be in Tomorrow.

All replies to the invitations sent by the Junior Dance Committee must be in the hands of the committee tomorrow. Such replies may be sent to R. W. Bennett or W. M. E. Whitelock, Box Y, Union. It is hoped that a great many members of the class will be present at the dance that it may be in every way a complete success. 1913 DANCE COMMITTEE.

Senior Dormitory Applications Close Saturday at 6 o'clock.

The Dormitory Committee has determined upon a minimum of 12 men to six rooms in Holworthy and of 12 men to eight rooms in Hollis and Stoughton, and has decided that applications for rooms in Weld will not be received as yet. All applications must be in the hands of the committee at Phillips Brooks House before Saturday at 6 o'clock. As this is the latest possible time for receiving applications men are urged to aid the committee by applying as soon as possible.   1913 SENIOR DORMITORY COMMITTEE.

Boxes for Junior Dance.


Those members of the Junior class who wish to occupy the same box at the Junior dance should send in their names together and also the names of their partners to G. H. Roosevelt '13, 52 Plympton street.   1913 DANCE COMMITTEE.