Junior Class Notices

1913 Senior Dormitory Notice.

Up to date the committee has received an astonishingly small number of applications for rooms in the Yard dormitories for next year.

The committee has therefore decided to extend the time during which applications may be made until next Wednesday evening, January 24, at 6 o'clock. Applications should be handed in at Phillips Brooks House.

It is not necessary for the committee to dilate on the advantages of having the whole class live together as a unit in the Yard in our last year of undergraduate life. These advantages are known to everybody. The committee feels, however, that to surpass the records made by the classes of 1911 and 1912 it is imperatively necessary that more men make it their duty to apply for rooms. 1913 SENIOR DORMITORY COMMITTEE.

Only Members of Union Can Attend Dance.


Of the hundred and fifty men who have accepted invitations to the 1913 Union dance, nearly twenty are not at present members of the Union. These men are urged to join at once to facilitate the work of the committee, as no invitations can be sent to them or to the ladies they have invited until they become members, and it is a strict rule of the committee that no non-members shall be allowed to attend.   1913 UNION DANCE COMMITTEE.

Applications for Boxes.

No applications for boxes at the Junior Dance will be received unless the applicants include together with their own names the names of the ladies whom they are inviting. It possible six couples should be included in each application.   1913 UNION DANCE COMMITTEE.