Fall Tennis Tournament

winner of Beers-Wesson; winner of Streeter-Kimberly vs. winner of Morse-Hofer.

The following will be played at Jarvis Field at 3.30: B. H. Handy '13 vs. E. B. Fiusher 1L; G. H. Lyman, Jr., '16 vs. W. W. Mansfield '15; R. F. Babcock '16 vs. H. T. Moore 2G.; J. J. Armstrong '14 vs. W. B. Kahn '16; O. Williams '14 vs. T. B. Lewis '13; H. Goodspeed '16 vs. C. D. Amos 2L.; F. Clark, Jr., 1L. vs. L. P. Mansfield '16; P. D. Carsten '14 vs. A. J. Kirwan '16; H. R. Clapp '16 vs. P. Roberts 2L.; H. H. Williams '13 vs. H. C. Clark, Asst.; R. W. Gilmore 2L. vs. C. H. Peasley G.S.; R. N. Williams, Jr., '16 vs. J. E. Hoskins '16; W. S. Hall '13 vs. J. W. Casey '16; L. A. P. Stone '16 vs. H. D. Minot '13; H. Holmes '16 vs. S. C. Pepper '13; R. Morris '14 vs. F. P. Magoun, Jr., '16; E. S. Draper '15 vs. D. W. King '16; H. G. Smith '13 vs. E. S. Handy, 3rd, '15; W. F. Enwright '16 vs. E. K. Hale '14; J. F. Hubbard '14 vs. R. G. Vickery '13; F. Wiel, Jr., 1G.B. vs. W. F. Stiles, Jr., '13, D. G. Watts '15 vs. F. Van S. Hyde '16; L. Wade, 2nd, '14 vs. J. Wooldredge '16; a. Baltzly 1G. vs. J. T. Lanman '15; E. C. Knowlton 1G. vs. J. F. Brown '14; H. S. Murray '13 vs. G. M. Rushmore '13; winner of Burroughts-Gannett vs. G. Sturgis '13.

The following matches will be played on Holmes Field at 3.30:

Winner of Taggart-Franzen vs. winner of Whitman-Nash; winner of Hunt-Herter vs. winner of Parsons-Kimball; winner of Ford-Mechem vs. winner of Lowrey-sties; winner of Phillips-Geer vs. winner of McKean-Moncrieff; winner of Gardiner-Nolenberg vs. winner of Guild-Kayser.

It will be noted that a few men have two matches to play today, in some cases one at Jarvis and the other at Soldiers Field. All those who have entered should read the schedule carefully to make sure that their names do not appear twice.