Topiarian Club Trophy in Landscape Architecture Given to Harvard Graduate.--Outline of Plans Drawn.

Henry Lawrence Whitney '12, of Boston, has been awarded first prize in the second competition for the Topiarian Club Trophy in the School of Landscape Architecture. The problem for solution was the planning of a wooden house which could be enlarged to any reasonable extent in order to make it conform to an additional acquisition of ground. The plans were also to include a small garage, a flower garden, a road to the house and to the garage, and such other provisions for convenience and beauty as might be appropriate.

The winner of first prize will have his name inscribed on the trophy and will have the custody of it until the institution of another competition, at which time he is to deliver the trophy again into the hands of the Committee on Awards.

Second and third places were awarded to I. J. McCrary 2G.S., of Denver, Colo, and F. A. C. Smith 2G.S., of New York, N. Y., respectively. Professor F. L. Olmsted '94 judged the contest.