What is Going on Today

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

8.45.--**Morning prayers by Rev. Herbert Hensley Henson, Canon of West-minster Abbey.

10.00-1.00.--*Dartmouth game tickets on sale at H. A. A. Office.

4.00.--Meeting of Cambridge Associated Charities in Phillips Brooks House.

4.30.--Geological Conference. "Low Grade Siliceous Iron Ores of Lake Superior", by Professor H. L. Smyth, in Mineralogical Lecture Room. University Museum.

5.45.--Fortnightly dinner of Speakers' Club in Banquet Room of the Union.


7.00.--*Finals for team trials for interclass debating in Trophy Room of Union.

7.00.--Professor Cole's Senior Bible class, in Brooks House Office.

7.00.--Dr. Evans's Sophomore Bible class in Brooks House Parlor.

8.15.--Lecture by Major Finley in Living Room of Union.