Plan to Bring Desirable Students to Harvard. Officers Elected.

At a recent meeting summoned by the Committee on Organization of the Student Council over 2b representatives of an many territorial clubs incl. and or ranized the Harvard federation of Territorial Clubs. The scope and functions of the Federation were discussed and the general plan enthusiastically received. The Federation will supply the need for co-operation among the territorial clubs and with the Associated Harvard Clubs, and will be a nucleus for the formation of new clubs. Information valuable in such undertakings as the new Freshman dormitory plans, will be furnished by the Federation.

"To bring desirable students to Harvard and to aid in carrying out the purposes of the various territorial clubs" was voted the most exact expression of the purpose of the organization. Membership was restricted to presidents of the territorial clubs or representatives appointed by them.

Officers for Current Year.

Officers for the current year were elected at the meeting as follows: president, J. B. Langstaff '13, of Brooklyn, N. Y., representing the Brooklyn Association; secretary-treasurer, P. B. Halstead '13, of St. Paul, Minn., representing the Minnesota Club; members of the executive committee, W. R. Bowles '13, of Seattle, Wash., representing the Washington State Club, S. H. Olmsted '13, of Buffalo, N. Y., representing the Buffalo Club, and S. P. Speer '13, of Oil City, Pa., representing the Pennsylvania Club.