Definite Plans for This and Other New Athletic Features Arranged by Committee of Twenty-One.

The whole plan of the Committee of Twenty-one at Yale concerning Yale's new athletic facilities is now public. This plan includes not only the construction of an oval-shaped coliseum to be ready for the Princeton football game in 1913, and to cost $300,000, on the newly acquired land across Derby avenue from the present Yale field; but also a commodious clubhouse to cost $100,000. In addition, a new baseball stand on the old field will be erected at the cost of $50,000.

Sunken Type of Coliseum.

Of these details, by far the most important acquisition will be the coliseum. As proposed it is of the semi-sunken type, twenty-five feet below ground and thirty-five feet above ground. It is proposed to remove the loam from the territory to be covered by the field and stands, then to excavate the material from the field and use it for constructing an embankment; the inner slope to be cut into steps which are broad and low. These steps are to be protected by a granolithic covering like a sidewalk and curb. On these are to be built wood benches with a back, and a foot rest to raise the feet from the concrete. The outside of the embankment is to be made on a slope of one on two, covered with loam and seeded to grass. The entrance under the seats to the field itself is to be through a wide reinforced concrete tunnel made on a slope from the ground outside the embankment to the field; the entrance to the seats is to be made with smaller reinforced concrete tunnels arranged around the stands and running in level from the surrounding grounds and terminating at an aisle about the middle of the height of the stands.

Of secondary importance will be a modern covered baseball stand to seat twenty to twenty-five thousand persons, replacing the present old wooden structures.

On the newly acquired field, there is, also, ample room for tennis courts, and many additional football fields and baseball diamonds.


Financing of New Improvements.

A popular financial plan to raise the required funds amounting to $700,000 has been recommended by the Committee, and approved by the college authorities. This plan is based on the so-called Ticket Privilege contract, under which those subscribing have the right to apply for tickets to all games in the coliseum, paying therefor the regular price for the tickets and being assured seats in a reserved section, which is to be the best in the stand.