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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

In the editorial of yesterday's CRIMSON the need of organizing the undergraduates to Finish reliable information about existing conditions at Harvard was urged. The need is real, and it is one that has for some time been attacked with enthusiasm. Among the nineteen clubs as registered last year the work of helping subbasement financially and otherwise, of bringing before them through speeches and their papers, the true ideals of Harvard, of welcoming the Freshmen, of distributing literature among the schools and in many other ways of carrying on the excellent work suggested by the CRIMSON, has been going on--often quietly, it is true, but still effectively.

Analogous to the Undergraduate Schools Committee at Princeton, which has taken charge of this work there, is the Committee on Organizations of the Student Council here. This Committee exists with the purpose of being of service to all registered clubs in the University--a larger percentage of which are territorial clubs. To facilitate the work- ing of this committee as well as to provide a "handbook" of information for outsiders the committee last year published the University Register. Due to the size of that undertaking and to the other work of the committee, the Register this year is published by a separate organization, while the committee is concentrating its efforts particularly on the Date Book and registered clubs.

For territorial clubs the methods which the several clubs have found successful have been collected and are at the disposal of anybody to whom they may be of service, a notice of which has been sent to the clubs now existing; new territorial clubs have been formed through the efforts of this committee and the committee stands ready to assist further the organization of any such club; finally, arrangements are now under way, with the encouragement of President Lowell, for the organization of a Federating of Territorial Clubs within the University similar to the Associated Harvard Clubs, with which it purposes to work. This federation will create an undergraduate centre for the carrying out more effectively of the aim of the present clubs as set forth in yesterday's editorial.  J. B. LANGSTAFF '1