The following is a complete list of the holders of first and second group scholarships for the year 1912-13. The first group of holders of scholarships is made up of those undergraduates whose work in the preceding college year entitles them to "very high academic distinction." No student is admitted to this group until his record for the preceding year, in all his courses, has been carefully inspected and the question of his fitness has been submitted to every one of his teachers. Only very high grades in his studies and concurrent testimony in his favor from a sufficient number of his teachers enable the Committee on Scholarships and other Aids for Undergraduates to recommend him for a position in the first group. John Harvard Scholarships are given only to students deemed worthy of a position in the first group.

The second group is made up of students of marked excellence who have not attained a position in the first group. Harvard College Scholarships are given only to students deemed worthy of a position in the second group.

Group I.

Floyd Henry Allport '13, John Harvard, Cleveland, O., Glenvill H. S.

Ralph Herbert Anderson '14, Bowditch, Lynn, Lynn Classical H. S.


John Rea Baker '13, Class of 1802, Williamsport, Pa., Williamsport H. S.

Stanley Truman Barker '15, John Harvard, Cambridge, Brookline H. S.

William Arthur Berridge '14, Matthews, East Lynn, Lynn Classical H. S.

Sidney Fay Blake '13, John Harvard, Stoughton, Stoughton H. S.

Carey Judson Chamberlain '13, Price Greenleaf, Beverly, Beverly H. S.

Elmore Theodore Cohen '14, Price Greenleaf, Roxbury, Boston L. S.

Albert Sprague Coolidge '15, John Harvard, Pittsfield, Hill School.

Robert Campbell Cowan '15, Bowditch, West Somerville L. S.

Charles Pelham Curtis, Jr., '14, John Harvard, Boston, Groton School.

Donald Earl Dunbar '13, Ricardo Prize and Richard Augustine Gambrill, Springfield, Central H. S.