What is Going on Today

**Open to Public.

8.45.--**Morning prayers by Dr. A. P. Fitch '00, in Appleton Chapel.

4.00-6.00.--University Tea in Parlor of Phillips Brooks House. Special reception to foreign students.

4.30.--**Lecture (in German) on "Leading Ideas of the Present time. XIII. "The Freedom of the Will," by Professor Eucken, in Emerson D.

4.30.--*Classical Conference. "Hophra and Cyrene," by Mr. O. Bates '05, and "A National Legend of Greece," by Mr. A. E. Phoutrides 2G., in Harvard 1.

7.30.--*Philosophical Club. "A Three-fold Doctrine of Education," by Mr. E. J. Newell 2G., and "Vocational Education," by Mr. S. M. Graves 2G., in Emerson C.


7.30-8.30.--Music in Living Room of the Union.

8.00.--Meeting of Romance Seminary in Upper Warren House.

8.00.--Meeting of the Masonic Club in the Trophy Room of the Union.

8.00.--**The Cercle Francais production of "La Double Helle-Mere," in Copley Hall, Boston.