Henry Schoellkopf '05.

Henry Schoellkopf '05, a member of the firm of Markham and Schoellkopf, attorneys, of Milwaukee, committed suicide in the that city on Wednesday. The cause of his act is unknown.

While in College, Mr. Schoellkopf was widely known as an excellent football player. He began his career at Cornell in 1903, and continued it at Harvard, playing regular fullback with the first squad in 1904 and 1905.

After graduation he was, as a coach, prominent in the regulation of football affairs at Cornell for two years, and later moved to Milwaukee.

Mr. Schoellkopf was a deep student of municipal problems, and was at one time spoken of a candidate for the mayorality. As an attorney and clubman he was well known, holding offices in several organizations of a social and public nature.