A list of courses beginning in the second half-year is given below, together with the rooms in which students are to enroll.

Changes in Courses.

Since the publication of the University Catalogue, several changes have been made in the announcement of courses in the second half-year. Professor E. C. Moore's courses which were to have been omitted will be given. Professor Moore will conduct the following courses: Philosophy 6b, Philosophy 20h, Philosophy 201, and History 24b.

Other courses for the second half-year have been arranged as follows:

Scandinavian 5 hf. History of the Scandinavian Language. Lectures and theses. Friday 3.30-5.30 and conferences. Dr. H. G. Leach.


Geology 20d. Invertebrate Palaeontology. Advanced course. Conferences and laboratory work. Assistant Professor Raymond. Course 20d is open to students who have had elementary courses in Geology, Zoology, and Palaeontology, and is designed for advanced work in either biologic or stratigraphic Palaeontology.

Government 24 hf. will not be given.

Regulations Governing Enrolment.

Students who wish to take courses that begin in the second half-year should file petitions at the Office, unless they elected such courses at the beginning of the academic year.

No Freshman or Sophomore may change courses without the permission of his adviser and the committee on the choice of electives.

After the first meeting no student will be admitted to a second-half-year course without permission from the Office and the instructor.

Date for Withdrawal from Courses.

Students are reminded that extra fees are charged for additional courses; and that March 2 is the last date for withdrawal from additional courses that begin in the second half-year, without liability for the fees.

Where to Enroll.

All students electing courses of study which begin in the second half-year are required to enroll themselves, at the first exercises, in the following rooms: Anthropology 4*, 10**, 11*,  Peabody Mus. Anthropology 12*,  Sever 6 Architecture 2b,  Robinson Hall Architecture 9**, [Feb. 15, 4.30 P. M.]  Robinson Hall Astronomy 4b,  Astronomical Lab. Botany 1,  Nash Lect. rm. Botany 4*,  Univ. Mus. 29 Botany 9,  Botanical Mus. 13b Botany 11*,  Zool. Lect. rm. Botany 12**, [Feb. 14, 4 P. M.]  Bussey Inst. Celtic 2**, [Feb. 12, 3.30 P. M.]  Warren House Chemistry 7**, 8, 10, 13**, 15,  Boylston 9 Chemistry 17**, [Feb. 13, 8 A. M.]  Boylston 9 Chemistry 19, [Feb. 13, 11 A. M.]  Boylston 13

Classical Archaeology 1b,  Sever 25Classical Archaeology 6**, [Feb. 12, 4.30 P. M.]  Sever 25Classical Philology 28**,  Sever 13Classical Philology 33**, 34**, 40**,  Sever 26Classical Philology 50**,  Sever 25Classical Philology 58**,  Sever 14Comparative Literature 6b,  Harvard 5Comparative Literature 8,  Sever 23Comparative Literature 15**  Sever 21Comparative Literature 18**  Sever 5Comparative Literature 27** [Feb. 13, 2.30 P. M.]  Grays 38Comparative Literature 35**, [Feb. 12, 12 M.]  Sever 19Economics 6b, 14b,  Harvard 6Economics 7b,  Upper DaneEconomics 9b*,  Emerson FEconomics 23*,  Harvard 5Education 3b**, 5b*, 6b,  Lawrence 7Engineering 3K T, 6a,  Pierce 302Engineering 3L T,  Pierce 307Engineering 4f**, 12a**, 13b**,  Pierce 211Engineering 5c,  Pierce 209Engineering 9a**,  Pierce 212BEngineering 11a,  Pierce 110Engineering 161**, 17c**,  Pierce 208Engineering 16p**,  Pierce 202Engineering 22**, [Feb. 15, 12 M.]  Pierce 211English D,  Sever 13, 14English 3b**, 33**,  Sever 2English 11b,  Sever 5English 16*, 37,  Sever 1English 22 T,  Emerson JEnglish 25**, [Feb. 12, 2.30 P. M.]  Sever 7English 44**, [Feb. 12, 9 A. M.]  Sever 8English 53,  Sever 11English 56**,  Sever 18English 61,  Sever 6English 63**  Emerson AFine Arts 4e,  Fogg MuseumFine Arts 8b, 20c**,  Robinson HallFine Arts 20b**, [Feb. 12, 3.30 P. M.]  Fogg Sm. Lect. rm.French 5,  Sever 19Geology B, 5,  Geol. Lect. rm.Geology 16,  Geol. Mus. 23Geology 18,  Mineral. Lect. rm.Geology 20d**, [Consut Prof. Raymond]  Palaeontol. Lab., University Mus.German H,  Sever 17German 12b**,  Emerson HGerman 15**, 26b,  Sever 6German 33,  Sever BGerman 36**, [Feb. 13, 3.30 P. M.]  Sever AGerman 20b**,  Sever 2Government 32b,  Sever 35Greek A T, 1b, 6 T,  Sever 26History 2b, 14, 33,  Lower Mass.History 10b,  Sever 11History 23b**, 41**, 43b*,  Sever 9History 24b,  Sem. Mus. 1History 37,  Emerson AHistory 39**,  Gore HallHistory 50**,  Sever 6History of Religions 2* T,  Div. Lib.History of Religions 3**, [Feb. 12, 12 M.]  Sever 7Indic Philology 1b,  Warren HouseIndic Philology 5**,  Warren HouseIndic Philology 20c**, [Feb. 13, 7.45 P. M.]  9 Farrar St.Latin 2b, 8 T,  Sever 14Latin 1 T,  Sever 18Mathematics D, K,  Sever 24Mathematics G,  Sever 20Mathematics 8, [Feb. 12, 4 P. M.]  Sever 20Mathematics 14a**,  Sever 20Mathematics 21a**,  Sever 20Mathematics 34**, [Feb. 12, 4 P. M.]  Sever 20Mineralogy 8, [Feb. 14, 4.30 P. M.]  Mineral. Lect. rm.Mineralogy 10, [Feb. 12, 4.30 P. M.]  University Museum 9Mining and Metallurgy B, 1*, 4, 8, 12, 17, 23**, 30**,  Rotch BuildingMetallurgy 14, 15, 22**,  Pierce 311Philosophy B, E, F,  Emerson DPhilosophy 3,  Emerson JPhilosophy 5b, 6b, 14a,  Emerson APhilosophy 16, 19a,  Emerson FPhilosophy 20h**, 20i**,  Div. Lib.Philosophy 22, 27, 28,  Emerson 27Physics 4b, [Feb. 13, 10 A. M.]  Jeff. Phys. Lab. 24Physics 6b, 17,  Jeff. Phys. Lab. 3Physics 8**, [Feb. 12, 9 A. M.]  Jeff. Phys. Lab. 20Physics 13**, [Feb. 13, 10 A. M.]  Jeff. Phys. Lab. 24Physics 14,  Jeff. Phys. Lab. 25Public Speaking F, [Consult Prof Winter]  Upper Mass.Romance Philology 6**, [Feb. 12, 2.30 P. M.]  Warren HouseScandinavian 5**, [Feb. 16, 3.30 P. M.]  Sever ASemitic 2,  Sem. Mus. 3Slavic 3b**,  Consult Prof. WienerSlavic 5*, [Feb. 12, 1.30 P. M.]  Sever 7Social Ethics 2*,  Emerson OSocial Ethics 6*,  Emerson JZoology 2, 11*,  Zool. Lect. rm.Zoology 5b*, 7a**, 7b**, 7c**,  Zool. Mus. 4th fl., rm.