The University baseball squad will start on its annual spring southern trip tomorrow afternoon. The trip will last for a week and will include five games. Following is a list of the 25 men who will be taken: R. C. Babson '12, J. C. P. Bartholf '13, I. C. Bolton '12, F. H. Clark '13, S. P. Clark '14, J. H. Coon '13, J. R. Desha '12, S. M. Felton 3rd '13, H. T. Gibson '12, W. M. Haas '12, E. C. Hardy '13, H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14, J. A. Milholland '14, R. P. Osborn '14, R. S. Potter '12, H. E. Reeves '12, K. Reynolds '14, A. H. Tomes '13, R. B. Wigglesworth '12, D. J. P. Wingate '14, W. B. Young '12, Dr. Sexton, Managers Y. Arai '12 and F. W. Hubbell '13, and rubber Fallon.

Itinerary of Squad.

Leaving Boston at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon the squad will proceed via New York to Philadelphia where the night will be spent. Saturday the team will go on to Baltimore and from thence after playing a game with Johns Hopkins in the afternoon to Washington for over Sunday. Monday and Tuesday afternoons will be occupied with games against the Catholic University and Georgetown, and the mornings will be spent practicing on the grounds of these two universities. Tuesday evening the squad will take a special car for Baltimore, where it will spend the night, practicing on the Eastern League grounds the next morning and playing the Baltimore Eastern League team in the afternoon. Wednesday night will also be passed in Baltimore. On Thursday the squad will go to Annapolis for practice in the morning and a game with the Navy in the afternoon; and on Friday to New York for a game against Columbia. Afterwards the squad will disband.

Practice Game With Lawrence.

Yesterday afternoon a team composed mainly of University substitutes was defeated by the Lawrence team of the New England League on the Freshman diamond by a score of 7 to 4. The Lawrence team hit the University pitchers hard in three innings and this coupled with a few errors on the part of the infield, gave them seven runs. In the seventh inning the University scored one run on a base on balls and a two-base hit by Coon; and in the eighth, three more on hits by Hoogs, Milholland and Reynolds. Hitchcock, Hardy, Bartholf and Tomes all pitched, Hitchcock and Tomes being the most effective.


The Freshmen played a nine made up almost entirely of regular University players, which was won by the Freshmen 7 to 3. They had little difficulty in hitting the second string University pitchers.