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Announcement of $350 Scholarship.-- Examination Comes on April 27.


The examination for the Ricardo Prize Scholarship will be held in Upper Dane on Saturday, April 27, at 9 o'clock. This Scholarship, with an income of $350, will be assigned to a student who in 1912-13 will be a member of the Senior class, or of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and will study Economics, with special reference to problems connected with public service industries. Unlike most scholarships, it is administered as a prize: no question of pecuniary need is considered in the assignment.

Conditions of Contest.

The examination on which (in part) the Scholarship is assigned is so arranged as to test power, not information, and to call for no preparation. In the examination room, a list of ten or a dozen subjects is given; and each candidate is expected to write, on the spot, an essay on one of these subjects, and on one only. The subjects are selected from the fields of Economics, Government, and Modern History. Any student who has taken advanced courses in these fields will find among the subjects at least one which has been brought to his attention. On the basis of the essay thus written, and of the general record of the candidate, the Scholarship will be assigned for 1912-13. Candidates are expected to leave with the Chairman of the Department of Economics, not later than the day of the examination, a statement of their college record, including a memorandum concerning theses and other written work done by them. Candidates who wish to confer about the scholarship will find the Chairman of the Department, Professor Taussig, at his office in Upper Dane on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, April 22, 24, and 26, at 3.30.

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