What is Going on Today

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

8.45.--**Morning prayers in Appleton Chapel by Rev. E. C. Moore.

12.00.--Last opportunity for submitting drawings for Intercollegiate Architectural Competition.

4.00.--**Soccer Game with Cornell at Soldiers Field.

4.00.--**Lecture. "The Mechanical Engineering of Electrical Power Plants." I, by Mr. R. J. S. Pigott, of New York City, in Pierce 110.

5.30.--Address by President Lowell on "The Choice of Electives," to members of Freshman Class in New Lecture Hall.


7.00.--*St. Paul's Society weekly meeting, in Noble Room of Brooks House.

7.00.--Freshman debating trials in Harvard 6.

7.30.--Dinner of Rifle and Pistol Club at Boston Art Club, Boston.

8.00.--Glee Club double quartet at Mauchester, N. H.

8.00.--Annual business meeting of Phillips Brooks House Association in Parlor of Brooks House.

9.00.--Reading of "Kipling." by Professor Copeland in Living Room of Union.