Eager Shifted to Second Crew in Practice Saturday.--Freshman Orders.

The University crews and two Freshman crews held mid-day practice on Saturday, all rowing up stream to the bridge at the end of the long stretch. One important change was made in the orders, Chanler taking Eager's place at stroke in the first University boat, Eager rowing at stroke on the second crew. The first and second University crews are both commencing to space out better, and the first two Freshman crews are rowing exceedingly well.

Changes in Freshman Eights.

Several changes were recently made in the Freshman crews, and for the past few days they have been rowing in the following order:

First Freshman crew--Stroke, Pirnie; 7, Parkman; 6, Harwood; 5, Trumbull; 4, Withington; 3, Murray; 2, McVicar; bow, T. Storrow; cox, Gallaher.

Second Freshman crew--Stroke, J. Storrow; 7, Wyner; 6, Francke; 5, Meyer; 4, Baker; 3, Lothrop; 2, Weatherhead; bow, Paine; cox, Murphy.

The first and second University crews and the first Freshman crew will return to Cambridge for the last three days of the recess next week. The crews will row twice daily on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of that week, and all the men will eat at the training table, probably in the new 'Varsity Club, on those days.