What is Going on Today

Open to University. **Open to Public.

8.45.-Morning prayers in Appleton Chapel by Dean C. R. Brown of the Yale Divinity School.

2.00-**Baseball between Yale and Harvard members of Harvard Law School on Soldiers Field.

4.00.-**Second Freshman eight-oared race with second Middlesex, on Charles River.

4.30.-Seminary in Economics. Address on "The Collection of Country Checks," by A. D. Johnson '13, of Boise, Idaho, in Upper Dane.

5.00.-*Physical Colloquium. Address on "The Theory of Quanta," by Professor E. B. Wilson, of Technology, in Room 25, Jefferson Physical Laboratory.


8.00.-**Second lecture on "The Philosophy of Henri Bergson," by Dr. E. C. Wilm, in Emerson A. Subject: "The Metaphysics of Bergson."

8.00.-Modern Language Conference. Addresses on "The Genealogy of the Elizabethan Ghost," by Dr. C. E. Whitmore, and "The Fable," by M. E. Smith, in Common Room, Conant Hall.

8.15.-**Harvard Pop Night at Symphony Hall, Boston.