What is Going on Today

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

8.45.--**Morning prayers in Appleton Chapel by Dean C. R. Brown of the Yale Divinity School.

2.00.--Bussey Seminar. Lecture on "A Genetical Study of the Cavy Species Cross," by J. Detlefsen, A.M. '10, at Bussey Institution.

4.00.--Leiter Cup baseball on Soldiers Field.

4.00.--Wells Cup race in Stadium.

4.15.--Dodge Cup race in Stadium.

4.30.--*Last lecture on "The Early Development of Hegel's Philosophy," by Dr. J. Loewenberg '08, in Emerson F. Subject--"The Meaning and Value of Hegel's Developed Philosophy."

8.00.--1915 Musical Clubs concert in Brattle Hall.

8.00.--*Visitation Day exercises at Harvard Divinity School. Addresses by Professor F. G. Peabody '69 and Rev. Augustus M. Lord '83, in Divinity Chapel.

8.00.--*Harvard Philosophical Club. Address on "The Philosopher in the Community," by Mr. E. J. Newell, in Emerson C.