What is Going on Today

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

8.45.--**Morning prayers in Appleton Chapel by Rev. H. L. Willett.

2.00.--Freshman golf trials at Woodland.

2.30.--University golf team plays Brookline Country Club at Brookline.

2.30.--*Lecture on "The Work of the Bureau of Economics," by Mr. F. G. Athearn, Manager of the Bureau of Economics of Southern Pacific Company, San Francisco, Cal., in Room H, of Emerson Hall.

3.00-5.00.--Meeting of Harvard Dames in Parlor of Brooks House.


3.30.--University and Freshman tennis trials on Jarvis Field.

4.00.--University second baseball game with Boston Latin on Soldiers Field.

4.00.--Freshman baseball game with Everett High on Soldiers Field.

4.30.--**Last lecture on "Hospitals," by Mr. Frank Miles Day, of Philadelphia, Pa., in lecture room of Robinson Hall.

4.30.--Cosmopolitan Club weekly tea, in club rooms, Holyoke 7 and 8.

7.30.--Yard concert in front of Holworthy.

8.00.--**Speaking for Boylston Prizes, in Sanders Theatre.