Preparation Now Under Way for Events to Be Held on Squantum Field from June 29 to July 7.

Plans for the third annual Boston Aviation meet which is to be held from June 29 to July 7 at the Harvard Field, Squantum, under the direction of William A.P. Willard are being rapidly pushed forward. Already ten entries have been received, and at least fifteen of the world's greatest aviators will enter the contests.

The field at Squantum is now being put into shape for the meet. For the past week several surveyors have been laying out the grounds which this year will be entirely different from that of the past two seasons. The getaway, which is to be nearly a half mile long and 150 feet wide, will be at right angles with the one used at the previous meets. It will be constructed as a gravel road and when finished will be covered with oil and other preparation to make it firm.

On one side of the getaway will be constructed a row of hangars which will accommodate at least twenty machines. These hangars will be built of wood and the backs of them will be of wire so that the spectators may have a chance to view the machines at close range. A huge grandstand, seating at least 10,000 people, is to be started at once a short distance from the administration building. A separate road to the field for automobiles will be provided.

One of the chief attractions will be Lincoln Beachey, who was the best performer at last year's meet. Last August Beachey established an altitude record at Chicago of 11,474 feet, which has only recently been broken by a foreign aviator. The other aviators who have sent their contracts are Hugh A. Robinson, William Hoff, Charles F. Walsh, Charles Witmer, Beckwith Havens, George W. Beatty and Frank Coffyn.

In addition several foreigners have signified their intention of coming to Boston to participate, and negotiations are pending with two operators of the Wright biplanes.