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Make-up Final Examinations


Make-up final and anticipatory examinations in the following courses will be held at 2.30 P. M. in Sever B. By the regulations the examinations will not extend over three hours.

Monday, September 30.

Architecture 1b.

Architecture 2b.

Education 1.

English 41.

Fine Arts 1.

French 1. (Anticipatory).

Physiology 1.

Tuesday, October 1.

Chemistry 8.

English 2.

Greek G.

Philosophy E.

Philosophy 27.

Wednesday, October 2.

Anthropology 1.

Engineering 31.

English 37.

Government 1.

Greek 6.

History 1.

Music 2.

History 2b.

Thursday, October 3.

Chemistry 1.

Economics 8.

Engineering 11a.

English 53.

German 2b.

German 4.

Friday, October 4.

Engineering 5c.

English 63.

Greek 7.

History 37.

Mathematics A.

Music 4.

Monday, October 7.

Astronomy 1.

Comparative Literature 1.

Economics 6b.

German A.

German 2a.

History 3.

History 24b.

Mathematics K (Anticipating).

Tuesday, October 8.

Botany 1.

Chemistry 5.

Engineering 16a.

German C.

Latin 6.

Wednesday, October 9.

Economics 18.

French A.

French 2a.

French 2c.

Physics C.

Thursday, October 10.

Economics 1.

Mathematics 4.

Latin 7.

Friday, October 11.

Engineering 6a.

English 14.

Fine Arts 2a.

Latin 8.

Physics 17

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