1916 Class the Largest That Has Ever Entered the University.

The following is a list of the Freshman class at Harvard College, including some students formerly registered in the class of 1915. Although the list is as nearly complete and accurate as possible, at this time, it is not the final and official registration, which will appear in the University Catalogue.

The number of "dropped men" as much smaller than in past years owing to the abolition of the rule that required upper classmen, who had not removed their admission conditions, to register as Freshmen.

Ach, E. L., Weld 11.

Adlou, E., 66 Clifford St., Roxbury.

Adsit, C. C., Jr., Westmorly 35.

Alberts, E. V., 29 Brinsley St., Dorchester.

Allan, E. G., 58 Wendell St.

Allen, F. S., Claverly 48.

Allen, H. C., Jr., Hampden 1.

Almeda, C. E., 48 Emerson Rd., Winthrop.

Almeda, W. B., 48 Emerson Rd., Winthrop.

Almy, S. C., 56 Mt. Auburn St.

Amory, H. Jr., Claverly 46.

Amory, H., Randolph 17.

Anderson, H. R., Perkins 69.

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