Western Exchange Professors Announced.--Other Appointments.

The following are the exchange lecturers from western colleges who will lecture in the University during the present year:

Paul Frederick Peck, Ph.D., Parker Professor of History at Grinnell College (American History) second half-year.

Guy Harry Albright, A.B., Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Colorado College (Mathematics and Astronomy) second half-year.

Dwight Everett Watkins, A.M., Professor of Public Speaking and Instructor in English Literature at Knox College (Public Speaking).

Members of the Resident Executive Board for one year from September 1 are: Morris Gray, Jr., A.B., and Henry Aaron Yeomans, A.M., LL.B.

The following have been appointed Austin Teaching Fellows for one year: Minor Louis Hartman, S.B. (Chemistry) and David Elbridge Worral, S.B., A.M., (Chemistry).

Recent appointments as instructors were given to Ernest Conant Cheswell (Mechanical Engineering) and Roy Kenneth Hack, A.B., Litt.B., (Greek and Latin).

Henry Aaron Yeomans, A.M., LL.B., has been appointed Assistant Dean of Harvard College for one year from September 1, 1912.

The following have been appointed assistants for the year beginning September 1, 1912: Paul Franklin Baum, A.M. (English), Charles Albert Joerger, M.E. (Mechanical Engineering), Harold Newcomb Hillebrand, A.M. (English), Frank Dewitt Washburn, A.B. (Fine Arts).

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