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Games to Start as Soon as Ice Forms on Stadium Rinks.--Schedule for First Round.


The scrub hockey series will start as soon as the weather permits. The first games in the preliminary round will be as follows: Little Jeffs vs. New Moons; Nevertrains vs. Seven Deadly Sins. The complete schedule of games will be posted in the CRIMSON Office before 6 o'clock this evening.

One rink on Soldiers Field will soon be available on which two games must be played every afternoon. The play will also be conducted on the Charles River as soon as it freezes. The 18 teams entered will be reduced as rapidly as possible by the usual eliminations to 4, which will then play a round robin of six games. Cups will be awarded to the members of the winning team.

The rules governing the series are as follows: (1) Any team which is unable to play when scheduled must notify the CRIMSON at least one day in advance, or forfeit the game. (2) Teams which do not report at the rink within fifteen minutes of the time set will forfeit the game. (3) Every team must have a manager whose duties are to assume complete charge of the team, to arrange officials for each game, and to leave a list of the men who played on his team together with the score at the box provided for that purpose in the CRIMSON Office before 7 o'clock on the day of the game.

The teams entered are as follows:

Hard Guys.--D. T. Hood '14, manager; S. Adams '14, G. Bettle '14, E. W. Brewer '14, F. L. Converse '14, J. C. Devereux '14, B. A. Edwards '14, E. R. Hastings, Jr., '14, L. Saltonstall '14, S. D. Stevens '15, R. W. Stevenson '14, J. W. Thurlow '14, J. R. Torrey '16, R. L. Whitman '14, F. Wigglesworth '15, W. L. Williams '14, D. J. P. Wingate '14.

Little Jeffs.--F. T. Nelson 3L., manager; M. B. Angell 1L., H. H. Bundy 2L., O. M. Chadwick 2L., J. Heron 3L., J. B. Hollister 1L., F. D. Huntington 1L., W. G. McKee 2L., E. H. Mead 1L., V. S. Merle-Smith 2L., P. Paterson 2L., G. W. L. Prettyman 2L., A. H. Sturgis '14.

Dreadnaughts.--I. C. Spicer 3L., Manager; W. W. Alward 1G., J. H. Beazley 1G., E. S. Bridges 2M., A. A. Chute 1G., H. S. Davis 1G., C. W. Day 1G., J. W. Estey 1L., A. T. Foster '14, R. Leitch 1G., W. B. Meldrum 2G., J. B. Miller '14, W. W. Patton And., G. V. White 1G.B.

New Moons.--R. T. Gannett '15, manager; E. P. Allis '15, R. M. Baker '15, R. C. Cobb '15, E. S. Handy '15, A. M. Howe '15, E. Reynolds '15, T. W. Storrow '15, J. C. Talbot '15.

Bisques.--D. C. Josephs '15, manager; B. Duer '15, W. P. Hallowell '15, E. A. A. Lingard '13, M. M. Mitchell '15, E. S. Munro '15, T. E. Murphy '15, R. T. Pratt '14, H. P. Trainer '15, W. M. Washburn '15, B. B. Williams '15.

Decoys.--R. R. Ayres '15, manager; J. H. Baker '15, E. H. Heminway '15, L. F. Hooper '15, W. W. Mansfield '15, R. L. Redmond '15, H. W. Schroeder '15, H. S. Sturgis '15.

Whangdingers.--D. H. Belford '15, manager; G. E. Benson '15, W. B. Byers '15, F. deL. Cunningham '15, B. C. Curtis '15, S. O'Keeffe '15, E. M. Robinson '15, S. Stanton '15, H. Swift '15, A. Van Cortlandt '15.

Dingbats.--W. A. De Witt 1G., manager; K. S. Cate 1G., W. A. Lawrence 1G., W. Short 1G., C. J. Tinker 1G.

Society Bears.--C. C. Kimball '13, manager; T. Buel '13, F. W. Copeland '13, M. L. Greeley '15, E. O. Handy '15, E. S. Harrington '13, F. A. Keep '15, B. B. Locke '13, C. MacR. Makepeace '13, H. R. Page '13, N. E. Paine 1G.B., E. H. Wiswall '15.

Husky Hoboes.--J. C. Bennett '15, manager; R. R. Cowen '16, F. B. Davis '15, H. H. Edgerton '15, D. Greene '16, J. W. MacNaugher '15, G. M. MacVicar '15, E. B. Thomas '16, W. T. Wright '15.

Nevertrains.--T. J. Coolidge '15, manager; F. J. Bradlee '15, F. Brooks '15, H. W. Frothingham '15, A. O. Hoyt '15, C. O. Iselin '15, W. C. Paine '15, W. A. Par-3G.S., W. T. Gardner '14, U. S. J. Sulli-'15, W. H. Trumbull '15.

Chuch-a-pucks.--T. H. Frothingham '13, manager; M. Belmont '14, W. H. Chatfield '14, G. C. Cutler '13, F. Cutting 3G.S., W. T. Gardiner '14, U. S. J. Sullivan '13, P. L. Wendell '13.

Canned Peaches--J. L. Handy '14, manager; J. W. Abbot '14, W. E. Bright '14, J. E. Davis '14, H. R. Hitchcock '14, G. B. Kayser '14, R. H. Kettell '14, H. deV. Pratt '14.

Fuzzy Lambs.--J. T. Tunis '14, manager; G. A. Currie '16, R. S. de Gozzaldi '13, W. E. Griffiths '14, S. Hall '16, W. J. Littlefield '16, P. M. Rice '15, L. L. VanSchaack '13, T. H. Safford '16, D. B. Willson '16.

Georgians.--W. S. Sagar '14, manager; W. R. Bowles '13, C. H. Bradley '14, A. T. Bunten '14, H. H. Gorman '16, G. H. Hands '13, R. F. Long '13, W. E. MacKay '14, L. B. Moore '14, L. H. Niles '14, N. H. Smith '13, W. M. Tugman '14.

Yynbeles.--A. F. Winter '14, manager; C. E. Boutelle '13, W. H. Brawley '13, C. L. Callander '13, J. S. King '13, C. P. Lindahl '16, C. B. Long '13, C. F. McGill 1L., H. B. Merrick '13, O. G. Saxon '14, H. Siefke 1L., L. J. Urguhart '14.

Seven Deadly Sins.--R. Coggeshall '16, manager; D. M. Beers '15, W. M. Clare '16, F. P. Coolidge '16, C. H. Faben '13, E. R. V. Hurley '13, R. S. C. King '16, M. H. Phillips '15, P. F. Reniers '16, C. Southworth '15, C. O. J. Wheeler '16.

Wish-a-goals.--E. C. Thayer '15, manager; B. Carpenter '16, P. H. Lowrey '16, G. C. Ludlow '15, J. Luchini '14, P. L. Maricle '15, R. Mead '15, R. K. Randall '14, H. A. Swan '15, A. B. Warren '15, L. W. Weed 1G.S

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