Forward Line was Unable to Rush Ball Consistently.--Score 4 to 2.

The University soccer team was defeated by the Hopedale team on Saturday afternoon by the score of 4 to 2. The defeat was clearly due to the inability of the forward line to play together. The forwards were too scattered, presenting an open line through which the Milford team could press the ball to the defence; and their lack of team work prevented consistent rushing down the field. The defence, on the other hand, played with more apparent knowledge of team work, stopping most of their opponents' rushes brilliantly. Francke's work in this department of the game was especially effective.

The line-ups were as follows:

Harvard.--g., Nichols; l.f.b., Jennings; r.f.b., Kingman; l.h.b., Carson, Fenn; Moffat; c.h.b., Francke (captain); r.h.b., Grant; l.o.f., Weld; l.i.f., Carnochan; c.f., baker; r.i.f., Smart, Foster; r.o.f., Blackmur.

Hopedale.--g., Bromley; l.f.b., Kratch; r.f.b., Tabron; l.h.b., Wilson; c.h.b., Tailon; r.h.b., Walker; l.o.f., Smith; l.i.f., J. Dion; c.f., Taylor; r.i.f., Dunnigan; r.o.f., Tetlow.

Goals--Carnochan, Foster, Smith 2, Taylor, Dunningan. Time--45-minute halves.