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New Haven, Conn., Tuesday, Oct. 28.--

The past week here has been one full of important elections in the Senior classes of Academic and Sheff. On Monday, October 20, the Academic Seniors elected three of their number to complete the Senior Council. The following men were chosen: J. T. Blossom, of East Cleveland, Ohio; Stoddard King, of Spokane, Wash.; and William J. Schieffelin, Jr., of New York, N. Y.

The next day was occupied with the first nominations for Senior officers and Class Day Committees and the election of James Taylor Bryan of New York City, to the position of Class Secretary of 1914 S.

Wednesday saw the election of the following 1914 Officers and Class Day Committees: Orator, Stoddard King; Poet, Kenneth Rand; Class Day Committee, T. L. Daniels, B. F. Avery, A. Clark, P. G. Cornish, and W. J. Schieffelin, Jr.; Picture Committee, F. R. Lowell. W. S. Harpham, and W. H. Campbell; Supper Committee, H. A. Marting, O. P. Kilborn, R. S. Cooney, A. Clark, H. Harbison; Ivy Committee, S. H. Paradise, F. Bergen, and K. B. Burrough.

On Friday were held the last of the elections; namely, choosing the rest of the Class Day Committees and officers who had been nominated Thursday. The balloting resulted as follows: Class Secretary, G. W. Patterson, 4th; of Ann Arbour, Mich.; Historian, A. F. Jenks, Jr., of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Cup Committee, J. T. Blossom, E. D. Davis, R. C. Gates; Cap and Gown Committee, G. G. Jones, L. M. Marks, R. G. Walker; Triennial Committee, S. Colt, P. G. Cornish, M. P. Noyes, R. Osborn, H. L. Rogers.

There were three interesting lectures during the week, delivered by Dr. Grenfell, Clifford Roe, the noted social worker of Chicago, and Dr. Fess.

The first four evenings of the week were taken up, in the Sophomore and Junior classes, with calling hour from 7 till 9, at which time the members of the Junior Societies call on the Sophomores who are supposed to remain in their rooms between these hours.

Rainy Week for Athletics.

Although the athletics of the week resulted in two defeats for the University, some profitable practice and training were received throughout the first part of the week. As a whole, the weather was abominable for all kinds of athletics. This necessitated an indoor practice for the football team on Monday and made the field so sloppy that practice for the rest of the time before the Washington and Jefferson game was somewhat interfered with. However, scrimmages were held with the Freshmen on Tuesday and Wednesday and with the College team on Thursday Several temporary injuries resulted from the bad condition of the field, Pendleton and Marting both being hurt in the scrimmage Wednesday, while Avery twisted his ankle in the game Saturday. Cooney and Markle, who have been in the Infirmary, reported in uniform Tuesday; and one slight change was made in the line-up; Warren was taken from right guard to right tackle, which position he played Saturday.

One interclass athletic event of interest was the fall track meet which the Freshmen walked away with, scoring 57 points, against 12 for 1916 and 1915, while the Seniors brought up the rear with 9 points. Although no exceptionally fast times were made, the material shows promise of developing into a good, well-balanced team

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