University Team Shows Versatile Attack.--Bradlee In Mahan's Place.--Injured List Growing.

Scrimmage on Soldiers Field yesterday lasted about an hour, 40 minutes of this time being occupied by the University against the seconds, and the remainder by the substitutes against the seconds. Five touchdowns were registered by the University, and one by the substitutes, the seconds falling to score.

The University's attack was somewhat more powerful and exhibited more versatility than usual, using both line and open plays to advantage. The first two tallies were made on long runs by Bradlee, who was playing for Mahan in the backfield. Logan scored the third by getting away for a dash of 40 yards, and Bettle the fourth after a long series of line bucks. The fifth and last score came when Dana crossed the line on a successfully manipulated forward pass.

This scrimmage added another to the already long injured list in the person of Hitchcock, who twisted his ankle so badly that he will probably not be able to play again until the Princeton game. Mahan went to the infirmary yesterday for an indefinite period with a badly swollen foot, due to some sort of infection. R. Curtis is also laid up with a bad leg, while O'Brien's strained side will keep him out for a day or two.

In the scrimmage between the seconds and the substitutes, the latter could not make much progress, though they had possession of the ball practically all of the time. Near the end of the play, McKinlock, in four plays, rushed over from within the ten-yard line for the only score.

Special attention has this week been paid to developing effective defense for the Princeton style of play, particularly that which resembles the Minnesota shift. Yesterday the University could not be puzzled by the quick changes, but smothered them as rapidly as ordinary formations.