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The University cross country team was defeated by the Yale cross-country team in New Haven Saturday by the score of 25 to 33. The Harvard team had expected to find considerable road work but the Yale of 6 3-10 miles permitted very little of it. Although the men knew the danger of straggling on such a course, the whole team, with the exception of Boyd, Blackman and MacLure, dallied at the start and let the Yale runners, who were thoroughly familiar with the footing get off in a bunch ahead. The Yale runners also gained when coming down from West Rock, and the Harvard men ran a hopeless race trying to catch them in the rough going afterwards. Boynton ran well in the last four miles, and MacLure did well-throughout, considering he had a bad cold. Captain Boyd and Blackman came up to expectations, Boyd setting a new record of 40 minutes and 7 2-5 seconds for the course, with Blackman 1-5 second behind him.

The order of finish together with the times of the first twelve men follows: 1, R. St.B. Boyd '14, 40,., 7 2-5s.; 2, F. H. Blackman '14, 40m., 7 3-5s.; 3, G. L. Safford (Yale), 40m., 53 1-5s.; 4. Captain J. P. Booth (Yale), 41m., 13 3-5s.; 5, D. F. Frost (Yale), 41m., 24 2-5s.; 6, E. A. Burtt (Yale), 41m., 25s.; 7, C. E. Clark (Yale), 41m., 25 2-5s.; 8, A. R. Boynton '14, 41m., 26s.; 9, R. S. Young (Yale), 42m., 11s.; 10, H. G. MacLure '15, 42m., 16 3-5s.; 11, H. Holden (Yale), 42m., 31 2-5s.; 12, W. M. Tugman, Jr., '14, 42m., 43s.

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