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The contract for the new Yale "Bowl," which will seat approximately 65,000 people was awarded last July and since then the work has progressed steadily and the structure will probably be ready for the Harvard-Yale game next fall The "Bowl" is unique in plan. The playing field is 26 feet below the surface of the ground and the slope from this to the ground level is cut into broad low steps which are protected by a granolithic covering like a sidewalk or curb. Upon these are placed wooden benches with backs and foot-rests, while above these rise the tiers of seats in the "Bowl" proper. There are to be thirty-two entrance tunnels besides the large one on the west side for the use of the athletes, and the main entrance. It will be constructed, as is the Stadium, of re-enforced concrete.

The name "Bowl" seems to be the only one which can be applied satisfactorily to this new structure. Mr. David Dagget, secretary of the committee, disposing of two other possibilities as follows: "The word 'amphitheatre' does not quite express the idea of the new structure, as Greek amphitheatres did not have seats below the level of the ground; the building is neither oval nor circular, but elliptical. The same objections will apply which has often been suggested. The arena in a Roman amphitheatre applied only to the area on which the shows were executed, and this was generally sanded; the name was derived from that portion of the ground. The word 'Bowl' has the added advantage of being short and suggestive of the general appearance of the structure, looking at it from the top down."

On the new athletic field, besides the "Bowl" there are to be a baseball stand which will accommodate 25,000 people, many additional football fields and baseball diamonds and a number of tennis courts.

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