Work of Seven, Football and Brice-a-brac Elections, Recounted in Letter from Princetonian

Princeton N. J., December 10, 1913--The most important events of the past week at Princeton were the football elections, Harold Roy Ballin '15, of New York City, being elected captain of the 1914 varsity team. The election of an assistant manage for the team resulted in the choice o Ailen Williams Bevin '16, of Jamaica, Nye York; and John McFerran Barr '16, of Louisville, Ky., was made manager of next fall's freshman team.

Look for Excellent Hockey Team.

The varsity hockey squad has been given daily work outs during the past week on University Field under the direction of Captain W. S. Kuhn '14, the work consisting in football kicking and running. Two regular practices were held on St. Nicholas Rink in New York City on Wednesday and Saturday and the showing made was excellent. Only two places were left vacant by graduation and the fastest offensive trio in the east last year, composed of Baker, Kuhn, and Kilner, seems in splendid condition.

The basketball squad was put through stiff work throughout the week in preparation for the opening game of the season with Manhattan College on Saturday, which resulted in a 34-15 victory for the varsity.

Bric-a-brac Elections Held

The election of the 1916 Bric-a-Brac board was held in the middle of the week four men being chosen to compose the board. The chairman will be chosen in the near future. The following are the members of the new board: B. Bullock, D. M. Lake, G. S. Runk, and J. R. Stockton.