The Dramatic Club will give the first performance of its two fall plays in Brattle Hall this evening at 8.15 o'clock, this being the special performance for undergraduates. "The Three Strangers," a dramatization by Leonard Hatch-'05 of Thomas Hardy's tale of the same name will be given as a curtain-raiser. The piece deals with a battle of wits between a sheep-stealer and a hangman, and the special feature of an old English reel has been interpolated. The second play, "Let's Get Married," by E. L. Beach, 1G., is a farce-comedy in three acts. It deals with the attempts of two college chums to elope, not suspecting that their plans are doomed to be thwarted by the complication of a third elopement in the same house. Suitcases become mixed, and charges of faithlessness lead to quarrels and the shattering of ideals. Youthful foibles are amusingly played upon and the complicated situations well handled.

Tickets at $1 and $.75 for tonight's performance may be purchased at the Co-operative Branch, or of T. W. Swett '15, Brentford 21. Tomorrow evening, the plays will be given a regular public presentation in Brattle Hall, the prices being $1.50, $1, and $.75. Tickets may be purchased at the Co-operative Branch, Herrick's, Tyson's in Boston, Burke's, or of T. W. Swett '15. After the performance this evening there will be a dance, for which music will be furnished by a student orchestra led by L. G. del Castillo '14.

The revised cast for "The Three Strangers" is as follows: Shepherd Fennel,  W. H. Meeker '17 Shepherd Newberry,  W. W. Sanders '17 Shepherd Stockdale,  R. S. Hillyer '17 Charley Jake,  B. T. Goldberg '16 Oliver Giles,  S. B. Pfeifer '16 Mr. Downe,  C. W. White, 1G First Stranger,  I. Pichel '14 Second Stranger,  J. K. Hodges '14 Third Stranger,  A. C. Kech '17 Elija New,  W. J. Brown '17 Constable Trendle,  P. Lowry '16 Betsey Marlin,  Miss E. B. Harris Mrs. Fennel,  Miss J. M. Collier Jane Simpkins,  Miss Sybil Marsh Mrs. Trendle,  Miss Dorothy Dixon

Following is the list of characters for "Let's Get Married" and those who have been cast for the parts: Gerald Stewart,  J. W. D. Seymour '17 Cyril Edwards,  J. A. Crafton, 1G Jack Ring,  N. B. Clark '16 Elizabeth,  Miss Frederica Gilbert Angeline,  Miss Priscilla May Phyllis,  Miss Amy de Gozzaldf Mrs. Stewart,  Miss Elizabeth Beele Mary, B maid  Miss Elsie Clifford

The third performance will be a matinee in Jordan Hall on Saturday afternoon at 2.15 o'clock. The prices are the same as those for tomorrow's performance.


Tickets for this evening's performance of the Cercle Francais play at Jordan Hall may be obtained at the box-office by members of the University at 25 cents each.