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Crimson Calendar

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All notices for the weekly CRIMSON Calendar must be placed in the notice box in the CRIMSON Office on Fridays before 5 o'clock, marked "For the CRIMSON Calendar."

Sunday, December 14.

11.00.-**Morning Service. Rev. A. P. Fitch, in Appleton Chapel.

4.00.-**Lecture. "Rabies and Glanders," by Dr. Langdon Frothingham, at the Medical School, Longwood avenue, Boston.

Monday, December 15.

Last day for receiving applications for Price Greenleaf Aid (third assignment)

2.30.-**King's Chapel Lecture. "The Church Outside the Roman Empire," by Rev. Kirsopp Lake, in King's Chapel, Boston.

4.00.-**Lowell Institute Lecture. Mr. Alfred Noyes on "The Sea in English Poetry."

4.30.-*Seminary of Economics. "New Jersey Business Corporations and Corporation Policy, 1791-1820," by Dr. J. S. Davis, in Upper Dane.

5.00.-*Physical Colloquium. "The Absorption of the Air for Light in the Ultra-Violet," by Professor Lyman, in Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 25.

8.00.-Modern Language Conference. Meeting in Conant Common Room. "Rabelais and Hans Breitman," by Professor C. H. C. Wright. "Some French Folk-Tales Among the North American Indians," by Mr. Stith Thompson.

8.15.-**Christmas Service. Christmas Carols, by the Student Choir of Andover Theological Seminary, assisted by Mrs. Clara Jackson and Miss Laura Kelsey. Also Christmas Address, by President A. P. Fitch, in Andover Chapel.

Tuesday, December 16.

4.00.-Meeting of Faculty of Arts and Sciences in University 5.

8.00.-Undergraduate Economics Society. Meeting in the Committee Room of the Union. Lecture on "The Income Tax," by Professor Bullock.

8.15.-**Organ Recital. Mr. Harris S. Shaw, assisted by Mr. Herbert W. Smith, in Appleton Chapel.

8.15.-*Boston Society of Medical Sciences. Meeting in Amphitheatre of the Administration Building, Medical School, Longwood avenue, Boston.

Wednesday, December 17.

4.30.-**Lecture (In French) "Etudes de litterature comparee. Le type de 'Thonnete homme' et les classiques francais du XVIIe siecle. XXIV, Les Epitres et 1'Art poetique de Boileau," by Professor Fernand Baldensperger, in Emerson D.

4.45.-*Chemical Colloquium. "A New General Dilution Law for Electrolytes," by Mr. M. L. Hartmann, at the Coolidge Memorial Laboratory.

8.00.-Harvard Mathematical Club. Meeting in Conant Common Room. Lecture on "Magic Squares," by Mr. Charles E. Wilder.

8.00.-Novice Gymnasium Meet in Hemenway Gymnasium.

Thursday, December 18.

4.30.-**Lecture. (In German) "Christentum und Hellenismus. XI. Gemeinshaft und Institution: das Werden der katholischen Kirche," by Professor Ernst von Dobschutz, in Emerson J.

8.15.-Deutscher Verein Play in Jordan Hall.

8.15.-**Christmas Service in Appleton Chapel. Christmas Carols. The College Choir, assisted by a chorus from Radcliffe College, under the direction of Dr. A. T. Davison, Jr.,-Reading from Scriptures.

Friday, December 19.

4.00-6.00.-*University Tea in Phillips Brooks House.

4.30.-**Lecture (In French), "Etudes de litterature comparee. Le type de 'Thonnete homme' et les classiques francais du XVIIe siecle. XXV, La Fontaine," by Professor Fernand Baldensperger, in Emerson D.

4.30.-*Classical Conference. "A School boy's Joke in a Greek Inscription," by Professor Lanman. "Coins Illustrative of Byzantine History," by Mr. H. W. Bell. "The Haynes Collection of Classical Antiquities," by Professor Chase, in Harvard 1.

4.30.-**Divinity School and Andover Theological Seminary. Christmas Service. Sermon by Mr. Daniel M. Welch, in Divinity Chapel.

7.30.-*Harvard Philosophical Club. "Truth and Absolute Reality," by Mr. R. M. Blake. "Bergson and Physical Research," by Mr. E. W. Friend, in Emerson C.

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