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(We invite all men in the University to submit communication on subjects of timely interest, but assume no responsibility for sentiments expressed under this head.)

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The recent editorial in the CRIMSON relative to the gymnasium situation, calls for a publication of one or two conditions which do not seem entirely clear to the undergraduates.

During last year's canvass 1041 pledges were received by the committee from undergraduates, the movement, entailing only promises, being accompanied by considerable enthusiasm. On the date that the last payment of the subscriptions was due, suitable notice appeared and repeated later efforts were made to secure payment. Today 205, just one firth of last year's pledges, are paid in full. As a last resort the committee is undertaking an individual postcard canvass of the delinquents, in the hope of eliciting a few more of the promised contributions. But the quantity of unredeemed pledges, two months after all should have been paid, seem to reflect, upon the part of the mass of the undergraduates, who appear to expect to be personally dunned for payment of their pledges, a certain lack of enthusiasm in "a movement of such vital interest". The expected Freshman canvass is withheld pending the outcome of the committee's efforts to secure possession of the money already promised; for so long as the three upper classes continue to treat the matter of payment in this fashion, the committee cannot feel that the Freshmen would respond with better spirit.

The selection of a graduate committee and any further official advance among the alumni towards the realization of a new gymnasium, is at present impeded by the prohibition of the Faculty from making a graduate canvass. The present committee has never authorized any statement anticipating the recogni tion of an active graduate committee, and cannot look forward to the organization of this committee until the Faculty's permission to take the step is given.

Once more the committee requests that upper classmen show their interest in the new gymnasium by paying their pledges toward it, checks to be made payable to the committee and sent to Lee, Higginson & Co., Boston, Mass.  HARVARD GYMNASIUM COMMITTEE

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