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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The question of combining the Monthly and the Advocate has been a mooted one for may years. From the time of the Monthly's inception in 1885 several definite proposals for a merger have been made, but have been consistently rejected through the inability of the two papers to effect a satisfactory compromise. The abstract advantages of combination, without reference to sentiment or tradition, are obvious. Whatever difference in field may exist is purely of degree, and by continued independent action the magazines tend to develop a mutual hindrance which makes it impossible that the College should be fairly represented in a literary way by either.

Within the past month another effort has been made to bring about a combination--an effort which was apparently hastening to a successful culmination, when an unfortunate incident gave rise to some hostile feeling and provided occasion for misrepresentation of the exact situation. At present the matter is hanging in the balance. Under the terms of combination tentatively an unofficially agreed on the Advocate, with the warm approval of its graduate trustees, stands ready to take the step at any time. Whether or not the deplorable opposition of a few men is to be allowed to ruin an exceptional opportunity is uncertain. One united literary magazine to supplant two that are necessarily in a state of constant competition is an ideal to be striven for, and, it is to be hoped, one to be attained. PHILIP W. THAYER.

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