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At the meeting of the Freshman class held in the Union last night, President W. J. Bingham announced the four class committees and briefly outlined the object of each.

It was also decided to hold the class dinner in the Living Room of the Union on April 1. There is a special committee to arrange for this. The other entertainments will be in charge of sub-committees, which the Entertainment Committee will appoint.

The committees are as follows:

Finance Committee--W. Blanchard, of Concord, chairman; W. C. Boyden, Jr., of Winnetka, Ill.; L. B. R. Briggs, Jr., of Cambridge; L. P. Chittenden, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; R. R. Cowen, of Cambridge; R. Curtis, of Boston; R. H. Delafield, of Seattle, Wash.; W. F. Enright, of St. Josephs, Mo.; W. J. Falvey, of Brookline; S. M. Foster, Derbyline, Vt.; B. M. Fullerton, of Spokane, Wash.; R. H. Hale, of Winchester; J. G. Heyburn, of Louisville, Ky.; J. O. Johnstone, of Cambridge; W. W. Kent, of Mt. Clair, N. J.; S. L. Kuhn, of Cincinnati, O.; P. Lowry, of Erie, Pa.; A. T. Lyman, of Waltham; S. B. McKinley, St. Louis. Mo.; H. L. Nash, of Newton; A. S. Peabody, of Malden; L. M. Sargent, of Brookline; T. M. Small, of Silverton, Ore.; E. W. Soucy, of Forest Hills; E. M. Wanamaker, of Melrose Highlands; and A. Winsor, of Weston.

Dinner Committee--G. A. McKinlock, of Lake Forest, Ill., chairman; F. Boyer, of Gwynedd Valley; C. S. Clark, of Philadelphia. Pa.; F. P. Clement, of Watertown, N. Y.; E. Cunningham, Jr., of Westwood; F. Fripp, of Newton; J. A. Gilman, Jr., of Honolulu, Hawaii; G. Lamont, of Englewood, N. J.; and R. T. Twitchell, of Dorchester.

Red Book Committee--C. Farrington, of Cambridge, Chairman; R. C. Bacon, of Chicago, Ill.; E. A. Leroy, of New York, N. Y.; D. Moffat, of New York, N. Y.; and T. Sizer, of New York, N. Y.

Entertainment Committee -- E. W. Mahan, of Natick, chairman; A. Biddle, of Philadelphia, Pa.; K. Bromley, of New York, N. Y.; L. W. Devereux, of Utica, N. Y.; S. M. Felton, Jr., of Chicago, Ill.; J. E. Lancaster, of Worcester; F. S. Parsons of New York, N. Y.; and H. L. Stover, of Amesbury.

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