Officers and Committees Will Be Elected on April 3.

The Governing Board of the Union has made the following nominations for officers and committeemen of the Union for the academic year of 1913-14. The election will be held in the Union on April 3. The polls will be open from 8 until 4 o'clock. Additional nominations, if supported by 50 active members, will be received up to 6 o'clock on March 30.

President.--Major Henry Lee Higginson '55, of Boston.

Vice-President.--W. T. Gardiner '14, of Gardiner, Me.; H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14, of Pukoo, Molokai, Hawaii.

Secretary.--S. B. Pennock '15, of Syracuse, N. Y.; J. C. Talbot '15, of Milton.

Governing Board, six to be elected, of which two must be graduates. -- F. C. Gray 2L., of Chestnut Hill; R. B. Wigglesworth 2L., of Milton; R. W. Williams 2L., of Baltimore, Md.; L. Withington, Jr., 3L., of Honolulu, Hawaii; W. J. Bingham '16, of Lawrence; S. P. Clark '14, of Chestnut Hill, Pa.; T. J. D. Fuller '15, of Washington, D. C.; G. A. McKinlock '16, of Lake Forest, Ill.; H. Parkman, Jr., '15, of Boston; G. F. Plimpton '14, of Buffalo, N. Y.; L. Saltonstall '14, of Chestnut Hill; R. T. P. Storer '14, of Boston; W. H. Trumbull, Jr., '15, of Salem.


Library Committee, seven members to be elected, at least three of whom shall be graduates. -- Professor G. H. Chase, Professor C. T. Copeland '82, Professor Bliss Perry, F. Schenck 2G., of Lenox; Assistant Dean Yeomans, H. K. Caner '15, of Philadelphia, Pa.; E. K. Carver '14, of Cambridge; J. B. Conant '14, of Duxbury; T. J. Coolidge, 3d, '15, of Boston; J. S. Fleek '15, of Newark, O.; H. Francke '15, of Cambridge; R. H. Kettel '14, of Lexington; A. L. Lincoln, Jr., '14, of Brookline; H. C. Place '14, of Gilbertsville, N. Y.; P. W. Thayer '14, of Springfield